Colin Boesch

Head Coach
Colin Boesch


  • CrossFit Level I and II Trainer
  • Former Intern at CrossFit West Ames


I grew up in the area and have always been in love with competitive athletics, I played football and baseball for many years in the Bartlett park district, then continued to play baseball on the Bartlett High School Varsity team. After High School, I went to Iowa State University to major in mechanical engineering, having lost the competitive sport aspect of my life I turned to working out. I tried bodybuilding and running for a year or so and then found Crossfit through a friend’s roommate, I immediately fell in love and knew I wanted to be a coach someday. After jumping around in Ames, Iowa from gym to gym due to gyms closing and the amount of school work I had, I finally settled on Crossfit West Ames where I interned for a year under 2 level 2 Crossfit trainers who have taught me everything I know and everything I hope I can help you with. After graduating, I came back home, signed on with Crossfit Arioch and the rest is history!
































































































































Favorite Workout/ Movements: Helen/ GHD Sit ups

































Least Favorite Workout/ Movements: Isabel/ Bench Press or Pushups













CrossFit Strengths / Weaknesses: Power Cleans, Muscle Ups/ Overhead Pressing


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