November 2, 2015


Love it here! Such a feeling of family & you fit in no matter what your level of fitness is. Everyone cheers each other on & supports individual accomplishments. Go in and meet the owners Greg & Alberto. They are great guys & very fun to work with.
–Crossfit Arioch Member

“I’ve been doing CrossFit for over two years and recently started coming to CrossFit Arioch for the past few months. I am very happy with the coaching, the programming that typically involves strength/skill and a conditioning workout, and supportive community of athletes there! So glad and proud to be a member!”
–Kelly Gaines

“Great workouts! Great people! Always something new, always helpful and encouraging. I’m hooked for sure!”
–Kimberly Morgan Krolikowski

“I am incredibly grateful for these coaches and their amazing guidance. Everyone is so supportive-including my fellow members! CrossFit Arioch is perfect for anyone looking to start or up their fitness game.”
–Hollie Weiss

“Out of all the CrossFit gyms I’ve been a member of, CrossFit Arioch is my favorite!! The coaches are amazing, they really help you out to learn different skills and focus on teaching it to you the right way, as well as making corrections down the road. Everything about this gym creates a wonderful atmosphere.”
–Brianna Betlej

“If you’re curious about seeing what CrossFit is all about, this is the perfect gym! Great trainers, great friendly community atmosphere and members… it’s a great gym!!”
–Curtis Pettinger

“This is a great gym with friendly and knowledgeable trainers. Everyone is genuinely nice and this is not like most commercial gyms where everyone is judging everyone else. Also every workout is scale-able to your own abilities so even though you might not be doing the same weight as elite crossfitters, you are doing the same or similar movements, working the same muscle groups, and getting a great workout! I would highly recommend CrossFit Arioch to anyone looking to join a gym and get in better shape!”
–Andrew Glogowski

“Joining Arioch was the very best thing I have ever done for myself. I am in the best shape I have ever been in my whole life, physically and mentally. I thank the wonderful trainers and encouraging friends that I have made for that. Wish I had done this a long time ago!”
–Dawn Jerriey Bland

“Great gym!!! Everyone one is nice and welcoming. I don’t feel out of place, I feel right at home. They are definitely getting me in shape again.”
–Joe Johnson

“Everyone at Crossfit Arioch is welcoming and great to work with! The workouts are hard, but fun to do and you feel awesome when you are finished! I am thrilled to be part of such a great workout community.”
–Carrie Strasser Bansley

“This is a great CrossFit gym with friendly members and knowledgeable trainers! Head trainer Greg Buck provides amazing programming. I’d highly recommend this place!”
–Heather Ulmer

“The staff and members are friendly. You are made to feel welcome from the first time you walk in the door. The workouts are made to push yourself a bit further each time. Safe friendly environment.”
–Crossfit Arioch Member