June 26, 2016

Personalized Coaching / Programming

Special introductory price of $100 a month.

What does this entail?

Daily workouts programmed by Head Trainer / CoOwner Greg Buck. Fitted to your specific goals, strengths, weaknesses and schedule. This inclusive approach will include weight training, metcons, skill building, mobility, and nutrition specifically tailored to you. 

1 Monthly Observation Workout (Remote or on site at CrossFit Arioch)

Feedback on daily performance.

Is this only for “Competitive CrossFitters”? 

Absolutely not. Anyone can benefit from personal coaching no matter the fitness level or endeavor. 

Weather your goal is to lose weight, be a competitive athlete, or master a skill – there is a program for you. 

  • Specific Programming Areas 
  • Competitive CrossFit
  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Power Lifting
  • Strongman
  • Sport Specific Performance
  • Endurance Athletes / Obstacle Racers
  • Weight loss

CrossFit Arioch Members – reach out to coach Greg directly for further details.

Non Members – Please email buckbuiltpt@gmail.com to discuss remote and onsite membership options.

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