CrossFit – 6/21/2017

CrossFit Arioch – CrossFit


20 easy pulls on rower

5 Turkish get up (each arm)

5 Pike handstand push-ups on box

30 seconds Handstand hold against wall or free standing

20 medium pulls on rower

10 Thorasic high fives (each arm)

10 yards Knee hugs

10 Headstand to push-up

20 hard pulls on rower

10 yards Pigs on ice skates

10 Downward dog push-ups

10 PVC pass throughs


Overhead Squat (5 x 5, across)


Handstand holds and walks.


First rib with lacrosse ball: 1-2 minutes each arm (2 minutes total)

Free your ribs: 4 minutes each section (8 minutes total)