WOD 10/30/2015

Warmup 5 Air squat 5 Slow and low air squats (perfect form) 5 Medicine ball push-up 5 Mountain climbers (each leg) 5 Fire hydrant circles (each side) 10 Forward/back jumping jacks 10 yards Knee hugs 10 Ankle rotations (each side) 10 Arms (over and back) 10 yards Spiderman lunge 10 Roll to candlestick 10 Pogo jumps Strength  3 rep heavy front squat Then: EMOM10 – 1[…]


Warmup Row 500 meters 5 Burpee pull-ups 10 yards Pigs on ice skates 5 Ring rows 30 seconds Hollow body hold on bar 15 Ring out the towel (each side) 15 Arms (over and back) 15 Jumping pull-ups 15 Squat to stand Skill Work Chest to Bar Pull-Ups http://www.boxrox.com/chest-to-bar-pull-ups/ Skill WOD 3-6-9-12-15-etc… unbroken C2B Pull-ups Recovery WOD 1000m row, easy pace Mobility Free[…]

WOD 10/28/2015

Warmup Run 400 5 Skin the cat 5 Medicine ball cleans 5 jumps Box jump progression 10 yards Spiderman lunge 5 Overhead Plate Press 5 Ring swings 15 Elbows high and outside (PVC or Bar) 15 Handstand shrugs 15 Fire hydrant circles (each side) 15 Wall squats Conditioning 3 Rounds 5 Ring Muscle-Ups (Scale: 10 Pull-Ups, 10 Ring Dips) 10 Squat Cleans (135#/95#) 20 Box[…]

WOD 10/27/2015

Warmup Run 400 meters 5 Half handstand push-ups (Stack 2 abmats on top of a 45 pound plate. Touch your head to the top of the abmat and then fully extend) 5 Push-ups 5 Leg lifts 20 Air squat 20 Fire hydrant circles (each side) 30 seconds Handstand hold against wall or free standing 20 Knees to elbow Strength Work up[…]

WOD 10/26/2015

Warmup 45 seconds of work 15 seconds of rest: Pogo jumps Pigs on ice skates Medicine ball push-up Roll to candlestick Forward/back jumping jacks Mountain climbers (each leg) Fire hydrant circles (each side) Crab walk (forward and backward) Ring out the towel (each side) Arm circles Conditioning “The Ghost” 6 Rounds for max reps of:[…]


Warmup 2 Rounds: 10 Pogo jumps 5 jumps Box jump progression 10 Forward/back jumping jacks 10 Tuck to open 10 Arm circles Skill Bounding Box Jumps – START SMALL. 1 or 2 45# plates, go for speed and full extension at the hip. WOD EMOMx10 10 Burpee Box Jumps (24″/20″) Mobility per hip (4 minutes total) Low back: 2 minutes[…]

WOD 10/23/2015

Warmup 1 minute row (men shoot for 30 calories, women shoot for 20 calories) 10 yards Spiderman lunge 9 Medicine ball push-up 9 Pressing snatch balance 9 Fire hydrant circles (each side) 9 Elbows high and outside (PVC or Bar) 9 Bridge up 10 yards Knee hugs 9 Back stroke (each arm) 9 Cossack squat (each side) 10 yards Pigs on ice skates Strength  EMOM[…]


WarmUp 50 double unders 5 hops Single leg hops (front to back- each leg) 5 Medicine ball push-up 5 Jumping pull-ups 5 Tuck to open 30 seconds Hollow body hold on bar 5 jumps Box jump progression 10 High knees with toe touch (each side) 10 Arm circles 10 Ring out the towel (each side) 10 Tuck jumps 10 Forward/back jumping jacks Skill Pull Up progression[…]

WOD 10/21/2015

Warmup (15 minutes) Row 500, then establish a max height Box Jump. Active rest: Complete as many of these as possible while you are waiting between sets: 10 Cossack squat (each side) 10 Squat press (each arm) 10 yards Bear crawl 10 One arm thruster with kettlebell (each arm) 10 Fire hydrant circles (each side) 10 Elbows high and outside (PVC[…]

WOD 10/20/2015

Warmup Run 400 meters 100 yards Jog-Run-Jog (Jog 30 yards, run 40 yards, jog 30 yards) 8 Jumping pull-ups 10 yards Spiderman lunge 8 Roll to candlestick 30 yards High bounding 8 Fire hydrant circles (each side) 30 seconds Hollow body hold on bar 8 Cossack squat (each side) 8 Back leg swing (each leg) 8 Ring out the towel (each side) 8 Band dislocations[…]