WOD 11/25/2014

Conditioning (Teams of 2) 21-15-9 Burpee Facing Box Jump Overs, (24″/20″) 250m Row after every round. Athlete 1 completes the round of 21 (including row). When athlete 1 comes back from the the row they will tag athlete 2 who will also complete all of the round of 21. Once athlete 2 is done they[…]

Rest/Recovery/Make-Up 11/20/14

Come in and work on any weaknesses or make up a work out you missed this week. Recovery Foam Roll Bar mash Band work Lacrosse ball Pick an exercise out of “Becoming a Supple Leopard” and work that mobility for 10-15 minutes. Hamstring mobility http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQtwaPoK-UM Whatever it takes.

WOD 11/19/2014

Skill 500m row test Strength Strict Press – 1RM Conditioning AMRAP19 With an empty barbell (45#/35#) 25 Romanian Deadlifts 25 Curls (yes, you read that correctly) 25 Push Press 25 Overhead Lunges 25 Back Squats Everytime your barbell touches the ground – 11 Burpee penalty.

WOD 11/18/2014

Death by Squat Cleans – (135#/95#) Everyone will start with (135#/95#) and give it everything they’ve got. If you are unable to complete 10 rounds with this weight drop to (135#/95#) and start over. If you’re unable to complete 10 rounds with (115#/80#) drop to (95#/65#). Post scores for all rounds that you do –[…]