Athlete Spotlight 6/23/14

Name – Laurie Lamb   Age – 49   Hometown – Hoffman Estates   How long have you been CrossFitting? –10 weeks – completed 20 sessions elsewhere, took three month break, and  beginningmy fourth week here.   Former / current other athletic endeavors? – Never participated in organized athletics, but have remained active with recreational biking, and strength training, and occasional 5k’s to keep me motivated to[…]

WOD 6/21/2014

In teams of 2: AMRAP 25 25 Power Cleans (95#/65#) 25 Back Squats 25 Shoulder to Overhead 400m run Each team will have a med ball (20#/14#). While one partner works on the barbell the other holds the med ball. If the med ball touches the ground 25 burpee penalty will be given to split between[…]